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103 Family Politics - Degrassi Recaps
103 Family Politics

We open with Ash in a really unattractive pair of pajamas, flinging herself on the bed while talking to Terri about how Terri needs to get a boyfriend. Directly after that, they talk about Ashley’s campaign to be student council president, after which Ash declares that she needs to take a shower. WTF thought processes. Are we sure she’s not bipolar?

The bathroom is occupied by Toby, who is quite bitter to his brand new stepsister. Ashley attempts to reason with him, then psycho-babbles at him, and then demands that he listen to her RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Glad to see the family therapy worked. Especially that while she’s yelling at him, Toby’s looking at her lingerie draped over the shower curtain rod. He decides to use it as leverage, and launches the bathroom door open, holding Ashley’s bra against his boyish chest. Zoom in on Ashley’s lips yelling for her mom. Credits.

Toby explains to JT how evil Ashley is for asking for her morning bathroom time. Sorry, I shared a bathroom with a boy sibling for 18 years, I’m gonna have to side with Ashley on this one, Tobester. JT looks so cute on his little scooter, plus he’s being fairly deep. 10 points to JT.

Ashley whines about her new family to Terri, who is putting up all of Ashley’s signs. Paige comes in, with apparently a new look from last year, declaring “New year, new look, new Paige,” as a youngling runs into the lockers behind her. –5 points to the youngling. Paige snarks, “You’re putting up your campaign posters already?” to Ashley. I’m getting the feeling that they’re not so friendly.

Manny and Emma come into the building, as Emma tries to tell Manny that it will be fine. Manny says that the grade eights will make their lives miserable, and Emma says of course they won’t. Emma is proven wrong about 3.8 seconds later, as Spinner, with Jimmy in the background, begin to haze the newbies. Right in front of the orientation table. Really, Spin, couldn’t you find maybe somewhere a bit more appropriate and a bit less staff-heavy to do the hazing? Eventually they give up.

Emma and Manny run into JT and Toby at their homeroom, which looks suspiciously like the MI class from last week. The bell rings while they are all still outside, and quickly there afterwards, Snake appears in black, apologizing for being late. He allows the kids to choose their own seats, and begins the spiel. He starts out with the forms of doom, and then we cut to the grade eight’s homeroom with Ms. Kwan.

Ms. Kwan welcomes them back to Degrassi, and calls out Spin’s full name: Gavin Reginald Mason. Geez, how many hours of labor did he put his mother through? He tells her he prefers Spinner, and she just asks how many detentions she going to need to give him this year. After this touching exchange, Ms. Kwan says that involvement is even more important than good grades, or something like that. The line’s purpose is to give Paige an opening to talk about her Spirit Squad idea. Ms. Kwan thinks that is an “industrious” idea, and then compliments Ashley for her posters.

The little ones are in the hall, and Manny sees Ashley and asks if that’s Toby’s stepsister. He denies being related to her, and starts rambling on about democracy. Emma makes him explain himself, and, apparently, he’s grumpy that no one is running against Ashley for student council president. Emma mumbles, “Why don’t you run?” and Toby gives a lame excuse about keeping peace at home. Manny tells him to get someone else to run, and since Toby only knows 4 people at Degrassi, he turns to JT. JT is having none of it. Until Toby mentions the audience. And JT falls for it.

Ashley is in the hall directing Terri’s placement of the sign (WTF do it yourself!) when Ms. Liberty Van Zandt comes up and introduces herself. Liberty is running for secretary, and thinks they’re going to be a great team. She starts talking about “synch-ing up their policies” and wow does that just sound wrong. Ash tells her to wait until after the election, and then Jimmy swaggers up and away with Ash.

Toby is making copies of JT’s flyers, and Snake comes up behind him, telling him “You do know it’s 10 cents a copy.” Delivery was flawless, as Toby rushes to hit the STOP button. “JT Yorke. Unknown, Unremarkable, Underachieving, Vote the underdog for president.” Nice, Toby, I can see how you feel about your friends. Ash and Terri come by as he’s putting them up, and Ashley starts to have a shit-fit. Luckily she snips it in the bud.

JT comes down on camera, and the cameraperson asks why he wants to be president. After some stalling from JT, Toby jumps in and answers for him. Next is Liberty, who says she wouldn’t be caught dead voting for JT, because she and Ashley are going to make such a great team. Then we go back to JT who is beginning campaign speeches of complete boringness. Like a true politician. Ashley is starting to get worried that people might actually vote for him, but denies it.

Maybe it’s because Ashley’s campaign SUCKS, as we see in the next scene. Who’s voting based on recycling? No one, Kerwin. Confrontation looms in the combined household of Kerwin and Isaacs. Toby pops a hole in Ashley’s inflated ego, and Mother Kerwin comes in and simply asks what the problem is. Ashley dramas, “Great! Take his side again!” instead of trying to explain what the problem is. Mother Kerwin mediates the discussion and thankfully Ashley is left speechless.

Ashley knocks on the door wearing scary curlers, and Toby taunts her, asking if she’s ready to be defeated by a grade seven, or as he calls it, a “seventh grader.” See, the Americanisms creeped in the first season.

Back to school we go, and Paige is being interviewed. She’s being syrupy sweet as she insults Ashley and then focuses directly on herself. Cameraperson runs down the hall as we zoom to JT and Toby on a computer. JT is winning according to a poll. JT is not enjoying his fake campaign anymore, and tries to talk Toby down. He don’t wanna be the President! Liberty is self-absorbed and a nerd, yet again.

JT closes his locker and tries to go to class, but is stopped by Spin and Jimmy. They drag him off backwards and drag him into a change room. Ash says, “Thanks, that’s all for now,” and seriously does the whole school do her bidding? She tells JT that if he drops out, she’ll give him $50 (Canadian of course, which at the time came out to about $3.50 American). JT makes a face and Ashley ups it to $60. JT starts making a horrible story up until Ashley gives him her final offer: $80. He accepts and she tells him she wants a show, and damn, Ash, that’s just wrong. He’s only 12. Oh, she just wants him to give up in front of the whole school. She gives him half now, and he tries to touch her. I mean, shake her hand.

Emma and Manny are walking in the hall, talking about how Manny has to go home right after the election and avoid Spinner. Immediately thereafter, Spinner shoots a spitball at Manny, which makes her start to cry. Emma draws attention to this fact, and Spinner says he was just kidding. Terri knocks him down for this, telling him he’s “so cool, making a grade 7 girl cry.” After Spinner leaves, Manny brings her head up and says, “I knew it would work. It always does on my brother.”

Toby confronts JT about the bribation, and JT tells him that it was their plan all along to give up, so what’s the big deal? Toby has a conniption fit, but is interrupted by Radditch announcement for all candidates. JT offers to split the money, but Toby doesn’t want it. Wah wah wah.

Liberty promises to be annoying and even more annoying… I mean enthusiastic. JT starts his speech, and he’s actually getting a few laughs. Toby pssts at Ashley until she leaves the stage to talk to him, and he starts ranting about money and corruption, and all the things that generally take place in politics. Toby threatens to turn her in for bribery, but Ash manages to turn it around to her feelings. They then start to have a family rap about how they are all miserable and whom Mother Kerwin loves best.

Back in the assembly, JT finishes his speech with an upbeat “I quit the race for President, vote for Ashley.” Radditch decides they should still hear Ashley’s speech and starts calling for her, even though she is obviously not on the stage.

Break back to Ashley’s house and her and Jimmy are laughing. They say goodbye and hug, and Jimmy says, “Congratulations, Ms. President.” Ash and Toby have a heart-to-heart and apparently JT’s in trouble. –10 points to Toby for getting JT in trouble. They bond some more and Ashley makes a joke about ripping Toby’s eyes out. Now I’m hungry.


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